Electronic Security

Petos provides a wide range of electronic security products from CCTV, Access control, Alarm

systems, Voice & Data, and Multi-location surveillance.
CCTV: Our digital surveillance cameras are top of the class with resolutions ranging from five
mega pixels (5MP) to twelve mega pixels (12MP). What makes our surveillance systems unique
are the core features which includes, Remote Views across all platform, Facial recognition,
vehicle search and recognition, Cloud storage, multi-location connectivity and image analysis.
ACCESS CONTROL: We provide biometric, facial recognition and RFID access control
products and services. Either it’s a single door, multi doors or multi-location access management
our products can serve, providing live results or log base access or attendance.
ALARM SYSTEMS: Petos alarm systems interface with several level of alarms such as Fire,
Intruder, perimeter alarm, electric fencing, and panic alarms. Our alarm systems are managed
remotely notifying us and the client when an incident occurs.
VOICE & DATA: We provide Voice over IP (VOIP) services locally and multi-location
alongside Network infrastructure either WAN, LAN or public Hotspot solutions. Also VPN
services to connect your office across the world.
MULTI-LOCATION SURVEILLANCE: Our electronic security products and solutions can be
deployed for clients who have multi-locations. With our central management software, we build
control room either static or mobile for clients providing them live feeds of each location or all
the location simultaneously.

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